World Health Day is April 7!

World Health Day 2019 – The Fight for Universal Health Coverage

This year on April 7th, 2019, we celebrate the 71st annual World Health Day! World Health Day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) with a goal of promoting the need for and achieving universal health care. The campaign aims to educate people about universal health coverage, including what it means, what services it includes, and the importance and need for all humans to have access to affordable health care. It is a day that allows for those who are more fortunate in terms of health care to practice gratitude, while WHO advocates for those who are less fortunate but still have health care needs that should be met. They emphasize the need for health care workers and professionals to step up and help decision makers understand and recognize the importance and need of health in terms of care, medicine, and support.

Universal Health Coverage

Statistics show that approximately half the world is lacking healthcare, and approximately 100 million people have been forced into poverty from paying medical bills! Universal health coverage means that all individuals and communities receive the health care services they need without suffering financial hardship. It includes all essential quality health services, including health promotion and prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. Universal health coverage protects individuals from the financial consequences of having to pay for health services out of their own pocket and reduces the risks of poverty as individuals are not forced to use up their life savings, sell assets or borrow money to pay for unexpected illnesses. Universal health coverage means affordable health care, not free health care, and is based on the concept that people NEED health care, that it is not just a luxury for those who can afford it.

Health and the Work Place

Gowan Consulting’s Occupational Therapists can help you better your work environment with accommodations, ergonomic assessments and return to work plans. We will work with your health care provider in the community to ensure that you have the support you need to stay well and productive in the workplace.

In Canada, universal health care provides you with services from your family physician, hospital or community care services. Generally, workplace services are paid for by the employer, the Auto or LTD insurer or WCB/WSIB.  Ask your Health benefits provider if you have Occupational Therapy coverage under your employer health benefits program.  Your health benefits may cover services such as:·        

Our Occupational Therapists at Gowan Consulting assess physical, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial factors that impact employee function and ability to stay at work or return to work.

Gowan’s Occupational Therapists provide employers and employees the opportunity to set goals and gradually resume work. Gowan Consulting works in collaboration with the employee’s health professionals to assess the employee’s current abilities so your employee can start a sustainable recovery plan to return to work. Our Occupational Therapists create the bridge between work and health.

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