TIPS for Return to the Workplace Program

Do you have employees that are worried about returning to the workplace? Worry is a normal response, but when worries overwhelm your employee and prevent them from coming back to work, you may need help!

Assistance for Return to Business and Mental Health

With the plan to return to business, many employees who have been isolated at home may be feeling anxious and concerned about returning to the workplace. Some of those worries may prevent the employee from feeling able to focus on work. Some employees may need more support for their mental health. We have developed a short, practical four-session program to assist the employee in having the tools and confidence to return to full health and productivity.

TIPS for Return to the Workplace Program

Gowan’s TIPS for Return to the Workplace Program provides work-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a focus on getting back to work in a safe and sustainable way. The program was developed to provide the employee education, goal-setting experience, practice, and individualized planning to address any barriers that might be getting in the way of the successful return to the workplace.

The Occupational Therapist works with your employee to develop a plan for reintegration that includes healthy self-care and resiliency. Your employee will gain the confidence and support that they need to be able to focus on your work productivity while supporting their mental health.

This four-session program provides your employee with the education, guidance, and coaching to effectively return to the workplace safely and confidently.

T Thoughts impact our behaviours and feelings. This session focuses on understanding our thoughts to squash worries and anxiousness.  

I   Integration planning to reduce isolation and generate ideas for return to work. This session includes developing goals for return to work.

P Preparation and practice of strategies. This session focuses on implementing a successful return to work plan through behavioural practice.  

S   Services and support to stay at work safely. This session focuses on accessing supports that are available for your employee to sustain the return to work.

The Benefits

  • Improved health and productivity of the employee Increased confidence of employee
  • Improved insight into ways to support mental health
  • Increased confidence of employee

What is Included:


  • 4 individualized sessions with an Occupational Therapist
  • A detailed and structured resiliency plan for the employee
  • A detailed and structured reintegration plan for returning to the workplace
  • A booster session for sustainable stay at work

Contact us to discuss the possibility of group sessions for multiple employees.