Thank you for all the inspiration, nice graphics and proactive forward-thinking. What you do makes a difference.


Feedback on our social media posts

Much appreciated, attending the course has made me look at assessments from a different perspective, that I think is helpful in selecting the correct candidate for a job, identifying training opportunities and easy improvements to reduce the cognitive burden during task completion (particularly for someone brand new to a task) and also for accommodating someone with cognitive difficulties.  I look forward to an opportunity to join one of your courses in the future.

Ann Marie Burmeister

On Our Physical Demands Analysis with Cognitive Demands Analysis Component Course.

I was satisfied, very professional and clear communication. I would recommend your services and use you in the future. This process was very easy and convenient – your team has good response time as well!

D.P. – Manager

On an Ergonomic Assessment completed for one of his employees.

I sincerely appreciate the follow-ups as well as the education and empathy throughout this process. It was quite the pleasure getting to work with you.


-on their Ergonomic Assessment completed by our Occupational Therapist, Marlene Morse.