Cognitive Demands Analysis Certificate Program VIRTUAL


Now Available online 


CERTIFICATE Requires completion of all modules.

This is a 14 hour workshop.

  • The full program is advanced training for those that perform CDA’s to develop the skills to perform the CDA.
  • Completion of all modules allows the attendee to consult the instructor for a six month period for further advice on specific CDAs.
  • The full certificate will be completed when the attendee submits a completed CDA following the workshop for evaluation.

During the Program the participants will understand:

  • What is a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA)
  • Components of a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA)
  • Invisible Disabilities
  • How a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA) is prepared
  • How to use a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA) for Invisible Disabilities in RTW
  • Resources and next steps
  • Develop hands on practice and skills to perform a detailed cognitive demands analysis
  • Understand cognitive skills, resources and behavioural components of a job
  • Learn the techniques to assess cognitive and behavioural demands
  • Complete a cognitive demands analysis
Following the modules the participant will be asked to complete and submit a cognitive demands analysis of a real job for evaluation.   The participant will have the ability to consult with the instructor for a six month period following the session on a cognitive demands analysis task in order to apply the information and skills learned.
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