May is Speech and Hearing Month!

The Month of May is Speech and Hearing Month!

Speech and hearing – it’s one of the main ways human beings communicate with each other! Thanks to the Speech-Language and Audiology Canada Association, the month of May is dedicated to spreading awareness for the individuals who have difficulty communicating through speech and hearing due to communication disorders or being deaf, partially deaf or hard of hearing. Many of us take this form of communication for granted and don’t realize the way hidden disabilities can severely impact someone’s life!

Speech and Hearing in the Workplace

Naturally, communication is a vital part of functioning in the workplace. If an employee struggles with communication for any reason, it can negatively impact their ability to reach their full potential to meet job demands. An employer needs to be aware of employee’s specific needs and they need to fulfill the duty to accommodate where applicable. Employers should:

  • Have communication strategies in place for their employees regarding policies, procedures and protocols
  • Know their employees capabilities and have an open and honest conversation if an employee appears to be struggling as not all disabilities are visible
  • Complete a job demands analysis to determine suitable positions for specific employees.
  • Encourage employees to engage in different forms of communication, for example, emails, group messages, and speaking clearly and concisely.

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