July 5th is National Injury Prevention Day!

What is it?

July 5th is National Injury Prevention Day. The day was create by an organization called Parachute, which is dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. This day intends to raise awareness of the consequences that occur because of predictable and preventable injuries. The ultimate goal of this day is to educate Canadians to get them talking about safety and prevention. As Canada celebrates the second annual National Injury Prevention Day, Gowan Consulting wants to inform everyone how we can assist with injury prevention in the workplace!

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention includes physical and psychological health and safety in the workplace. Approximately 90% of serious injuries are predictable and preventable. It’s great that there is officially a day that promotes injury prevention – but at Gowan Consulting, every day is injury prevention day! We believe that workplaces should be safe and healthy – physically and psychologically. We have multiple prevention strategies to avoid workplace injury. Do you want to know what you can do about Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace?  check out these videos provided by the Ottawa Health Unit called “Have THAT talk”.   Our Occupational Therapists can complete a variety of assessments to ensure your work environment is safe, which leads to more productive work. Our ergonomic assessments can determine if employees are at risk for injury on the job. Whether it’s musculoskeletal disorder prevention or education on using tools properly, these assessments provide accurate results and sustainable solutions. We also offer ergonomic webinars that teach participants injury prevention in the workplace.  Or try our bullying and harassment webinars to prevent psychological injury.

Injury prevention is more than just acknowledging that there is the potential for injuries everywhere – it is actively educating individuals to know risks and how to avoid them.

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