International Women’s Day is March 8th!

International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2019!

International Women’s Day is occurring on Friday, March 8th, and will be promoted through its theme: #BalanceforBetter! We are trying to balance out the equality between genders for a better world. International Women’s Day has been celebrated annually on March 8th since 1911! This day is not about competition or opposition of genders, rather it’s about celebrating all of the global achievements of women over the course of history. The day also marks the fight for women to have equal rights, opportunities and treatment as their male counterparts. Throughout history, women have had to fight for equality, such as gaining the right to vote, the right to work, the right to have choices over their lives, bodies, futures. It truly is inspirational how far we have come in the past century – but there is still work to be done! On this day, we wear purple to celebrate the unity, courage, strength, advocacy and and challenges overcome by our fellow women and ourselves! Perfect – as Gowan Consulting is a organization OWNED by a woman, our team is full of fierce females and our company colour is purple!

Ways to Celebrate Women!

There are lots of ways to celebrate women! From simple verbal praise to bragging about achievements on social media platforms, we want to hear it all! The visibility and awareness for achievements, movements and progress help drive positive change for women. As an organization, company or individual, declare bold actions you will take to help progress the gender agenda! Actions you can take include:

  • Declare feminism! Being a feminist does not mean you are anti-men! It simply means you believe all human beings, regardless of gender, should be treated equally with their rights, freedoms, choices and opportunities!
  • Protest violence against women or gender inequality in the workplace! This doesn’t have to be a march but can be just by standing up for the women in your workplace… let’s support each other!
  • Attend a women’s networking event. Not only does this increase your knowledge, but it is empowering!
  • Show appreciation for the women in your life! Boldly declare how your world could not be the same without them and how they make a difference in your world every day!

Supporting the Rights of Women in your Workplace

What can you do in your workplace to support the rights of women? A whole lot!

  • Enforce a safe and inclusive work environment – check out our webinars on implementing violence, bullying and harassment prevention plans in the workplace or on sexual harassment
  • Reduce inequality in pay and positions for women in your workplace
  • Give equal opportunities for advancement, further education and development of skill set!
  • Encourage and highlight the achievements of the women in your workplace
  • Offer support for work-life balance!

Celebrating Gowan Consulting

Now that we’ve told you to celebrate the women in your workplace, we want to celebrate the women in ours! Here are some of the women who make what we do here at Gowan Consulting possible!

  • Nancy Gowan: As company CEO, Senior Occupational Therapist, Trainer and Keynote Speaker, this company literally would not exist without Nancy’s drive, ambition and success! Without Nancy’s success, the rest of us wouldn’t have capitalized on our success within this company!
  • Melanie Weller: Director of Strategy and Operations and Senior Occupational Therapist, Melanie is always driving change to make our company the best it can be. We’re lucky and grateful for all she’s done and continues to do in her 17 years with Gowan Consulting!
  • Melanie McLeod: We are expanding in areas all over Canada thanks to our Network Manager! When we need new subcontractors to come on board, Melanie finds one without fail! We would not be able to change and influence as many lives as we have as a company without Melanie!
  • Bonnie Patterson: Our referral coordinator works her absolute hardest to make sure that all our referrals are assigned within one business day. She drives customer satisfaction and does her very best to meet the demands of every unique referral we receive. Bonnie always takes on new challenges and never backs down!
  • Allison Rutkevich: As our corporate controller, we would be completely lost without Allison’s hard work, dedication and speedy processes. Allison helps this company stay out of the red and progress in an upward direction every single day!
  • Marlene Morse: As an Occupational Therapist, Marlene drives results and leaves our clients and customers happy! Everyone who works with Marlene has nothing but positive things to say about her enthusiasm, encouragement and hard work. Marlene drives change in the lives of others and works hard to help everyone she meets live their most meaningful lives!
  • Danielle Payne: What would we do without our super editor?! Our completed reports wouldn’t be as beautiful, error-free and on time without Danielle’s hard work and attention to detail!
  • Stephanie Campbell: The company will PROBABLY survive without Stephanie, but it will certainly lack a certain zest, and those Tuesday Tips wouldn’t be coming through every week, keeping our audience informed with quick and useful information!
  • Jennifer Landry: She is an extraordinary Occupational Therapist and she’s not new to the field! Jennifer has lots of experience working with first responders, supporting employee’s mental health and offering practical accommodation strategies to support employee’s success at work. Jennifer is dedicated to changing the lives of others for the better and assisting them in participating in meaningful activities that drive results!
  • Nicolette Gowan: As an Occupational Therapist, Nicolette works hard to ensure clients are practicing workplace health and safety, as well as instilling hope and motivation in individuals who are getting ready to return to work. Nicolette has accomplished and made big impacts in the short amount of time she’s been in the field, and we can’t wait to see the waves she makes in the future!
  • Antonella Finateri: As our newest Occupational Therapist she brings years of experience in work focused CBT, return to work planning and support for ergonomic strategies. She is a welcome addition to our team.
  • Our Occupational Therapists across Canada: The large percentage of our Occupational Therapists are female. They provide support for your ergonomic and accommodation needs and work to SAVE LIVES everyday! We are so proud of our roster of support all over Canada and we could not do what we do without this amazing team.

We hope you’ll follow our lead and start celebrating the women around you! We would not be here and the world would not function without women – make sure they know how much they matter! Share your inspiring women stories to social media with the #BalanceforBetter to spread awareness and drive change for the future!

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