Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st!

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is an international, unofficial holiday that occurs on the first Friday of March every year. This day was created to remind employers and companies to thank their employees for the hard work they do all year round. Ideally, doing this will strengthen the bond between employers and employees. If your workplace doesn’t participate in Employee Appreciation Day, they may want to start as there are multiple benefits to both the employee and the employer when employees feel appreciated!

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

It seems like such a simple concept, but the reality is that when employees feel appreciated by their workplaces, everyone wins in the long run. Research has shown that employees who feel valued, appreciated and recognized for their work tend to be happier, more engaged and motivated in their work places. When your employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to stay with the company, work hard and passionately, as well as show appreciation in return. On the opposite side, it is shown that while people quit their jobs for a large variety of reasons, many of those reasons are within an employer’s control. Feeling unrecognized and unchallenged, coworker relationships, and overall corporate culture are all reasons employees are some of the reasons recognized for employee turn over – all of which can be improved upon!

How to Show Your Appreciation

There are lots of ways to show you appreciate your employees! No matter how you choose to show your appreciation, just ensure that it is genuine. You want your employees to truly feel valued! Here are some ideas to show appreciation every day, and some special ways to show appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Words of affirmation – the majority of people enjoy hearing they are doing a good job. This one is the easiest and least expensive way to show appreciation for your employees. Tell them they are valued, and tell them why! Be specific so they know it is genuine. You can use verbal praise, write a letter or even give them a nice card! You can also share employee success with the whole team – just ensure you do this for each employee and encourage others to congratulate each other!
  • Communicate with your staff – ask what their needs are and what you can do to ensure they feel appreciated and valued.
  • Ensure your employees have appropriate work environments that put their safety and well-being as a priority – an Occupational Therapist can assist with this!
  • Plan fun activities – they don’t have to be big, extravagant events – it can be as simple as decorating treats and then eating them.
  • Acknowledge important events and dates for your employees – knowing their birthdays and even celebrating them on their birthday, or anniversary with the company, shows that you care!

These are just some of the ways you can show appreciation – there are lots of other ways to do so. Try to make your appreciation special for the person you are appreciating. Different people feel appreciated by different actions. Remember, Employee Appreciation Day is just one day a year – it’s important that your employees feel appreciated 365 days a year! If it helps, set a reminder once a month as an appreciation check point!

Other Ways to Improve Your Workplace

Gowan Consulting knows that employees feel appreciated when they are supported, both in their work role and in their work environment. This can be achieved through ensuring your employees are job matched appropriately, through cognitive demands analyses, or through assessments of the work environment and employee to ensure they are not at risk for injury and are using adequate equipment. Show your employees you care by starting the conversation around self-care and the importance of taking care of mental health! We have lots of resources on mental health in the workplace that can benefit the employee and the employer. Further, promote further education to help your employees be all they can be! Check out Gowan Consulting’s educational workshops and webinars to learn a multitude of skills, facts and workplace health and safety information. Remember, appreciation goes a long way in life and in the workplace!


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