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Gowan Consulting is working with employees with disabilities to ensure a sustainable and productive return to work process. 


Visual Ergonomics

Strategies to Improve Ergonomics

While each industry has a unique set of ergonomic concerns as well as regulatory requirements, Gowan Health with our consulting optometrist, Dr. Jason Morris, provides a full range of ergonomic solutions for both short-term and long-term prevention and treatment.  Through this program, you have access to the best expertise in the industry and an opportunity to position your company at the leading edge of visual ergonomic solutions to enhance your competitive advantage.


What is Visual Ergonomics?

Every day we use our eyes to perform activities of daily living and work activities.  With health conditions and as we age our eyes' capabilities adjust and change, making it a challenge to perform our work activities.  Visual ergonomics is the ability to adjust the work, work processes, work station and the environment to match the ability of our eyes.  In some instances this may involve simple adjustments to lighting, computer screen colours and fonts to more extensive accommodations such magnification tools and screen readers.  As occupational therapists we work closely with the optometrist and the employer to develop ways to accommodate so that the employee can continue to perform the work activities.


Our Services for Visual Ergonomics

Visual Ergonomic/Accommodation Workplace Assessments: comprehensive assessment of work, workplace and worker to determine the work tasks and practical workplace solutions to allow an individual to perform the work duties through implementation of workstation or environment changes to improve visual performance or develop an individualized accommodation process for individuals with visual impairments.

Visual Demands Analysis (VDA): documentation of the visual demands of the essential job duties for legal compliance, accommodation, pre-placement and return to work planning

Education Programs for employees: practical education for frontline employees on how to optimize function, reduce risk of injury and improve visual comfort based on visual ergonomic principles

Referral to Optometrists and Low Vision Specialists: Through our affiliation with Vision Source, Gowan Consulting can access optometrists and low vision specialists to assist you throughout SW Ontario.  The optometrists will provide assessment of vision

Pre placement visual screening: Gowan consulting with our consulting optometrist, Dr. Jason Morris can develop a pre-placement assessment process for the jobs within your organization which require high visual demands such as technology, quality, inspection, or precision manufacturing.


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