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Virtual GoERGONOMICS Program

  • Spread out in offices throughout several provinces or countries?  
  • Maximize consistent office ergonomics and reduce your program delivery costs by over 30% 
  • Track your ergonomic program success

 Virtual GoErgonomics

 Gowan Consulting provides a comprehensive and cost effective approach to managing ergonomics through technology and local ergonomics professionals

  •  Gather data - every employee completes an online educational survey before and after the intervention
  •  Educate employees - every employee gets educational materials and personalized education
  •  Adjust postures and behaviours that lead to discomfort and lost productivity - every employee is provided with personal VIRTUAL adjustment of the workstation specific to the employee's needs through an online consultation
  •  Target intensive ergonomic assessments - employees with specific or complex needs are provided with one to one assessment onsite in their office
  •  Evaluate and Measure - every employee completes a post survey to gather data on change in behaviour, discomfort and equipment provided. 
  •  Report your success - The employer gets an aggregate report of ergonomic program success!

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