Violence and Harassment Prevention


Strategies to Implement Violence Prevention Programs

With the changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act Bill 168 now passed, every organization regulated by the province of Ontario will be required to have a comprehensive violence prevention program in the workplace by June 2010.  Violence in the workplace impacts an organization's ability to remain competitive through reduced productivity, presenteeism and loss of ability to participate in the workplace.  It is every employer's responsibility to take reasonable precautions to maintain the employee's safety in the workforce.  This regulation will increase the responsibility... Are you ready?

Our Services for Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

Violence Risk Assessment: This comprehensive assessment of your current legal compliance and assistance with developing an effective response to the regulations allows you to have the ability to ensure your compliance with the regulations.

Psychological Safe Workplace Audit: Comprehensive assessment of the corporation's current psychological issues and provision of recommendations to reduce harassment. Gowan Consulting works with the workplace team to develop a psychological safe workplace.

Violence, Harassment and Domestic Abuse Policies and Procedures: Implementation of legally compliant programs which examine safe workplace practices including Respect in the Workplace and No Tolerance for Violence Policies.

Violence and Harassment Prevention Program Implementation: Gowan Consulting will customize a violence prevention program for your organization's needs.  This may include: Development of a Threat Management team/plan; Incident reporting; Investigation of all complaints; Mediation services; Disciplinary action for violence or harassment; Work accommodations; Training; Recording; and Involvement of law enforcement when necessary

Accommodation Assessment: Assessment of the individual and work in order to determine appropriate accommodation strategies to facilitate performance of productive and meaningful work. Provision of legal and business assessment of duty to accommodate the individual

Training: Gowan Consulting can provide customized training for your employees and providers in order to meet the Occupational Health and Safety regulations