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Musculoskeletal disorders make up more than 40% of all workplace injuries.  Gowan Consulting has worked with many organizations to develop an MSD


Return to Work and Disability Management

Injury or illness can strike any employee, and in turn, loss of productivity and the costs of injuries and illnesses effect every organization and every individual. Research shows that proactive approaches to return to work helps recovery and leads to a more productive employee.

As Occupational Therapists with extensive industrial experience, your employees will be provided with client centered and business centered return to work strategies. Our team will provide you with practical and sustainable solutions.

Gowan Health can help you to ensure that you have the right return to work program at the right time. Our Occupational Therapists will help your organization design the best fit for your organization and your employees.

As Occupational Therapists we will help you to develop strategies that will insure employees meet job demands through accurate assessment of essential physical, cognitive and visual demands.

As health professionals we will help you through the complex return to work system to find safe and timely… yet sustainable … return to work solutions.

Disability Management concentrates on assisting disabled employees in returning to health, work and productivity in a safe and timely manner. The process involves establishing realistic goals, facilitating appropriate health care, arranging appropriate accommodation in the workplace and preventing further deterioration.

Having employees away from the workplace can cost your company in bottom line profits and sales. But what is your duty to accommodate? How far should you go and what resources will you need to meet your duty to accommodate?

As Occupational Therapists with extensive industrial experience your employees will be provided with client centred and business centred return to work strategies. Your company must ensure that it meets its duty to accommodate individuals with disabilities.  Our team will provide you with the expertise and practical knowledge to ensure that you have met your due diligence in every situation.

Our Results in Return to Work Planning

Telecommunications Firm: Employee with complex medical and mental health conditions returned to work with a structured return to work plan guided by the occupational therapist after a 2 year absence. Sustained return to work maintained without absences in the first year.

Our Services for Providing Return to Work Planning

Accommodation Policies and Procedures: Implementation of legally compliant accommodation programs which examine recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities. Development of guidelines that meet company objectives, and respect employee needs and/or collective agreements.

Accommodation Assessment: Assessment of the individual and work in order to determine appropriate accommodation strategies to facilitate performance of productive and meaningful work. Provision of legal and business assessment of duty to accommodate the individual

Complex Return to Work Planning: Development and implementation of the return to work for individuals who have been away from the work force and require assistance with complex barriers to facilitate productive and timely return to work. (mental health, progressive, pain and substances)

Physical/Visual/Cognitive Demands Analysis: Comprehensive assessment of the physical/visual/cognitive/behavioural demands of the job for sustainable return to work planning.

Disability Management Programming: development and implementation of consistent and fair processes to reduce overall disability costs and ensures legislative compliance.

Occupational Therapy Services: objective assessment and recommendations of employee’s functional capabilities at home or in the workplace.

Functional Return to Work Assessments: objective assessment of an employee’s capabilities as it relates to the job demands and return to work options completed at the workplace.

Case Management: development and coordination of customized return to work plans for each employee through communication with health care providers, union representatives, and the employer.

Consulting Services: Access to education and information on the latest Supreme Court and arbitration decisions that impact your return to work decisions.

Training Expertise: Development and implementation of training for frontline managers and return to work professionals.

**NEW** Functional Cognitive Assessments in the Workplace (CLICK HERE for more information)

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