Injury and Illness Prevention

Good Health is a Good Investment

Gowan Consulting believes that by offering an environment that promotes health you can directly impact the bottom line. A long-term health strategy can dramatically reduce the escalating incidents and rising costs associated with absenteeism, illness and injuries.

Our health promotion programs educate employees about personal health; educate companies about corporate health and support company initiatives in promoting better health. Best of all, we help achieve tangible savings!

Our injury and illness prevention programs are evidence based. We will measure your success and ensure that practical customized programs are in place. One size does not fit all when it comes to health so Gowan Consulting will help your organization determine the program that will take your employees into health.

As Occupational Therapists Gowan Consulting will provide customized & integrated education to your employees in their own workplace and applied to their needs. We will also ensure that you have implemented administrative controls that will facilitate injury and illness prevention.

Our focus is to keep people productive and at work so that you can be the workplace of choice.


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