Choose to Challenge for International Women’s Day

Choose to Challenge for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is March 8th, 2021! This powerful movement was adopted by the United Nations in 1975, and is a day of togetherness, celebration, reflection, and action. IWD helps drive action against gender bias and toward a more gender equal world. According to the Government of Canada, gender equality “increases economic prosperity, promotes peace and security, upholds fairness and justice in our society, and ultimately creates happier and healthier communities.”

The government of Canada has created a powerful Women of Impact in Canada gallery dedicated to the incredible achievements of many great women throughout history. By honoring these women, and highlighting their achievements, we help inspire women everywhere to reach for their full potential, despite the limitations that still exist in all corners of society. To learn more about the Women of Impact in Canada gallery, click here.


This year’s IWD theme is #ChoosetoChallenge, which promotes the idea that to create change, we first must challenge the world around us. We can choose to call out gender bias and inequality and we can choose to recognize and celebrate women’s achievements.

Show support and solidarity for the movement by using the hashtag #ChoosetoChallenge and raising your hand to show that you commit to calling out inequality!

Let’s work together to raise awareness and help forge a more inclusive world. To learn more about how you can join the conversation and help make a difference, visit the International Women’s Day website here.

Supporting the Rights of Women in Your Workplace

  • Acknowledge and recognize the women in your workplace through advancement in the C suites, promotion into leadership roles, and equal seats at the table.
  • Enforce a safe and inclusive work environment – check out our webinars on implementing violence, bullying and harassment prevention plans in the workplace or on sexual harassment.
  • Reduce inequality in pay and positions for women in your workplace.
  • Give equal opportunities for advancement, further education and development of skill set.
  • Encourage and highlight the achievements of the women in your workplace.
  • Offer support for work-life balance.
  • Consider programs and benefits that support women.

Celebrating the Women of Gowan Consulting

Now that we’ve told you to celebrate the women in your workplace, we want to celebrate the women in ours! Did you know that Gowan Consulting is WBE Certified? This certifies that our business is more than 51% owned and operated by women. More than 90% of our Occupational Therapists are women and our administrative team is entirely women.

Here are some of the women who make what we do here at Gowan Consulting possible!

Our Staff

  • Nancy Gowan: As company CEO, Senior Occupational Therapist, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker, this company literally would not exist without Nancy’s drive, ambition and success! Without Nancy’s success, the rest of us wouldn’t have capitalized on our success within this company.
  • Melanie Weller: Director of Strategy and Operations and Senior Occupational Therapist, Melanie is always driving change to make our company the best it can be. We’re lucky and grateful for all she’s done and continues to do in her 19 years with Gowan Consulting!
  • Mary Ann Kaczmarek: We are expanding in areas all over Canada thanks to our Network Manager! When we need new subcontractors to come on board, Mary Ann finds one without fail! We would not be able to change and influence as many lives as we have as a company without Mary Ann!
  • Bonnie Patterson, Melanie McLeod, and Jessica Curtin: Our referral coordinators work their absolute hardest to make sure that all our referrals are assigned within one business day. They drive customer satisfaction and do their very best to meet the demands of every unique referral we receive. Bonnie and Melanie always take on new challenges and never back down! This year we also welcomed Jessica to the team and we couldn’t be happier to have her join our team.
  • Monique Lunn: As our bookkeeper, Monique ensures that your invoices are accurate and timely.  She also ensures that our accounts receivable and payable processes are smooth, keeping us growing and giving back.
  • Dionne Levesque: What would we do without our super editor?! Our completed reports wouldn’t be as beautiful, error-free and on time without her hard work and attention to detail!
  • Emily McColl: All the social media and marketing communications you see were created by Emily! Her creativity helps us spread important information to customers and keep us connected to the community.
  • Moira Kenyon-Hunter, Nicolette Gowan, and Antonella Finateri:  As our clinical leads and Occupational Therapists they objectively assess employee’s capabilities and drive results, leaving our clients and customers happy! Everyone who works with our Occupational Therapists have nothing but positive things to say about their professionalism, capabilities, and hard work. They drive change in the lives of others and work hard to help everyone they meet live their most meaningful lives!
  • Our Occupational Therapists across Canada: The large percentage of our Occupational Therapists are women. They provide support for your ergonomic and accommodation needs and work to save lives everyday! We are so proud of our roster of support all over Canada and we could not do what we do without this amazing team.z

Gowan Consulting Services

Gowan Consulting is a national organization with more than 150 Occupational Therapists across Canada. We provide Occupational Therapy coaching virtually and onsite. Ease of access and proactive onsite or virtual support ensures that employees can stay at or return to work.

  • We want to help your organization – make a referral here or contact us at to learn more about how we can help your team manage crisis fatigue.
  • Our virtual office ergonomic assessments are now ON SALE for a limited time! Now until April 30th, get $100 off – that’s only $300 for a virtual ergonomic assessment! Make a referral here to take full advantage of the deal.
  • Check out our new Working from Home Series! Our webinars cover mental health, home ergonomics, tips for working during COVID-19, and more. Get the webinar bundle for yourself or for your whole organization!
  • Manager Mental Health Training is now running all year long! Our next session takes place on March 23, 2021. Get a full list of dates and more information on the sessions here.
  • TIPS for Return to the Workplace Program– Consider enrolling in our new 4-session work-focused CBT program to assist you or your employees in having the strategies to successfully return to work.
  • Sign up for our Mental Health, Resilience, and Stress Management webinar to learn the tools and strategies to manage your stress and maintain your mental health.
  • Want more training? Nancy Gowan will be a keynote speaker at Infonex’s 20th annual Managing Your Duty to Accommodate professional development event! This conference is specifically designed to guide HR, legal and disability management leaders discover best practices for the employer’s role in the accommodation process in today’s rapidly evolving workplace environment. The event takes place March 30-31. Find out more here.

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