Our Team

The Gowan Consulting Team

Nancy Gowan Headshot

Nancy Gowan B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.), CDMP

President & CEO

Occupational Therapist

Melanie Weller Headshot

Melanie Weller B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Director, Strategy and Operations

Senior Occupational Therapist

Marlene Morse

Marlene Morse BSc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.) 

Clinical Specialist

Occupational Therapist

Nicolette Gowan M.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Landry M.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist

Our Office Team

Danielle Payne

Danielle Payne

Administrative Assistant

Quality Control

Allison Kornaker

Allison Kornaker

Administrative Assistant


Bonnie Headshot

Bonnie Patterson Administrative Assistant

Referral Coordinator

Melanie McLeod Administrative Assistant

Network Management

Our Team Supports

Gowan Consulting has coordinated a team of various disability management professionals, health and safety professionals, occupational therapists and occupational health professionals across Canada that provide our customers with the right professional to deliver the best service for employers and their employees.